Hi. My name is Nikolaus Brunner,
but most people call me Nik.


I am working as a Software Engineer for DealerCenter Digital .

Previously I worked for diva-e .


My tech stack at the moment consists of React , TypeScript , SCSS , StorybookJS  and NodeJS .

My main focus is definitely Frontend, but I regularly have touchpoints with the Backend.

In my free time I try to explore other languages like Go , frameworks like Svelte , architectures like Styled Components with EmotionCSS  and best practices with some side projects, like my Terra Theme , my Obsidian Deep Work Theme , which has over 40k downloads at the moment, or of course this website .

And to intimately familiarize myself with Linux, I run EndeavourOS , and before that Pop!_OS , as my main operating system on my personal computer.

I also love Vim/Neovim  and my Moonlander Split Keyboard .

As far as software development is concerned, I try to put a lot of emphasis on good architecture and elegant, yet readable code. I don't want to stick a band-aid on a problem, but try to understand and heal the wound.

In my years before, I also worked as a Photographer, Audio & Video Engineer in Studios and Hotels, but also as a Landscaper and I also washed many dishes.

While this probably sounds confusing, since 2020 I now work as a Software Engineer, and I am very happy with my path, and I also think my previous experiences make me a better developer.


I was born 1984, and am based in Landshut (near Munich) Germany.

In my past I also made some Music .

I love nature, and to go outside hiking and running and meditating. I often combine this to maintain my Photography .

If my brain still has some energy left, I also read alot of books about Philosophy, History and other non-fiction topics.


I think that should cover the basics. You can find a current picture of me and other stuff in the footer-links.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can DM me on Twitter  or shoot me an E-Mail . :)